Intellectual Property

Pasky Gruber Scatchell prides itself on helping businesses leverage intellectual property. From the moment of inception through monetization, our attorneys counsel business leaders to take the right course.

Our IP practice represents clients ranging from solo inventors to corporate and institutional R&D teams. We help businesses of all sizes navigate the legal minefield at the state, federal, and international levels. Below is an overview of our IP services.






Searching, clearance, and registration

Challenges to a mark

Due diligence reports

Watching service



Cease and Desist

Getty Image Disputes

Trade Secrets

Protection plan

Non-disclosure agreements

Confidentiality agreements


IP Portfolio Management

IP portfolio audit - evaluation of intangible business assets

Opinion letter with list of registrable opportunities

Company IP strategy and guidebook

On-site employee training for proper IP usage

Licensing, Divestment, and Acquisition

Co-existence agreements

Perpetual or term agreements

Purchasing or selling IP

Marketing agreements

Licensing as a settlement

OEM / Supply and distribution agreements

Infringement Representation

Both offensive and defensive

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Most services within our Intellectual Property practice are offered at a flat rate. For startups and companies that have yet to monetize IP, we work with you to create a package that provides the protection your IP deserves with the cost your bottom line demands. Contact our attorneys directly for more information regarding your specific legal needs.