Litigation is a last resort. And in some instances, it is a last chance. When the stakes are high, Pasky Gruber Scatchell is prepared to understand business objectives and tailor a case strategy accordingly. Our attorneys help decision makers weigh the value of settlement or going to trial against the company's bottom line. Whatever the decision, our attorneys are aggressive and will see to it that every position is zealously advocated.

We believe litigation is a tool companies can use to protect their rights and property.

Offensive Representation

From an offensive position, our litigation team will investigate any and all wrongdoing that impacts the rights of our clients. Next, we evaluate the merits of the potential case and provide a concise case strategy so that you can weigh the costs and benefits before proceeding. Then, if alternate attempts to resolve the matter have failed, our attorneys will file suit on your behalf in state court, federal court, or both. We have the expertise to see your case through trial and beyond to all levels of appeals to ensure a favorable outcome.

Defensive Representation

If you or your business is being threatened with a lawsuit or have already received a notice of summons, Pasky Gruber Scatchell can act quickly to ensure your rights are not impaired. From there, our attorneys will evaluate the legitimacy of all claims to determine whether settlement or trial is the best course.

Pre-litigation Counseling

Commercial Litigation

Patent Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation

Privacy & Data Protection Litigation

Social Media, Defamation & Cyberbullying Litigation

Domain Disputes